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Culture in  Motion 

3M Design Exhibit

As a way to showcase the latest product innovations, tell meaningful stories, collaborate with brands, and engage with customers, 3M Design hosted an automotive art exhibit every 6 months located within the design headquarters. The goal of these was to create something unexpected that encouraged people to ask questions and start a dialogue. Anything is possible with science + design.


How do we navigate from a product-centric to human-centric approach? Having a great product is no longer good enough (it never was). We need to create stories and experiences that engage and excite! Get people to shout "Holy s***! How'd they do that!?" (the secret is a pinch of science and a dash of design). Create viral moments that extend beyond our walls of traditional media leaving behind something truly special.


Creative Director

Graphic Designer



Production Design

Photo & Video Direction




Dynamic Photowerks

Design in Motion-min.jpg

Drive amongst  the stars. 

Porsche North America and 3M collaborated on this unique exhibit with the goal to 1) showcase 3M's new printable reflective wrap film 2) reinforce Porsche's Vision Statement and 3) melt peoples minds! This was a first of its kind wrap that sparked a new trend within the wrap world. Once the lights go out, the magic begins. Nothing but pitch black except the high fidelity galaxy floating in thin air. 

Born from scraps,  built for glory. 

The DeLorean Club and 3M collaborated on this one-of-a-kind exhibit with the goal to 1) celebrate Back to the Future's anniversary 2) promote sustainability and 3) answer the age-old question "What would a DeLorean look like if it were built using recycled materials?" A question we took to heart as we set out to create the Scrap MeDeLorean. 

From Tokyo  to Tuscany. 

MINI USA and the 3M teams from the United States, Japan and Italy joined forces on this two-of-a-kind exhibit with the goal to 1) celebrate the connection of art and culture throughout society 2) collaborate as a global team and 3) emphasize that MINI is a brand for all.


MINI #1 blends the Japanese process of folding metal for swords and armor, called Damascus steel, with the traditional Japanese patterns found on kimonos such as Kōjitsunagi.


MINI #2 blends the historic, elaborate, and exquisite hand painted ceramic tiles found in Italy with traditional patterns found from its victorian era and architecture.

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