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Own  Your Life 

Pops Diabetes Care

Pops Diabetes Care is a healthcare technology company that focuses on developing innovative solutions for diabetes management. The company's flagship product is the Pops Rebel system, a comprehensive platform that combines a small, wearable device, a mobile app, and personalized coaching.


Empower people experiencing diabetes to own their life. Easier said than done... especially when the majority of healthcare companies focus on the condition and not the individual. How do we flip the script and make diabetes management fun, accessible, and engaging?! How do we consistently and effectively do this across every touch point creating the best possible experience for the individual? 


Creative Director

Brand Designer

UX/UI Designer


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Photo & Video Direction






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Shatter the status quo by developing a brand strategy and identity that's a revolution, not an evolution, of the previous brand that better reflects its core values and position as a rebel and leader within the healthcare space. Say "Bye, Felicia" to the sterile blues and whites of healthcare!


By conducting user research and collaborating with MentorMate on the development, we designed a mobile app and user guide that embodies the new brand positioning and gamified it. By creating a bold yet engaging user experience that's fun to use, Pops is truly empowering individuals to own their life.

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The new brand strategy and identity was a breath of fresh air to customers, healthcare providers, and investors alike.


The user-centric design approach contributed to high user satisfaction and increased engagement.


Enabled Pops to land larger customers and investors giving them the ability to scale quicker.

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