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Banging  Gears 

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Banging Gears promises to be the most exciting, action-packed car show since Top Gear in its glory days. Viewers will watch their dream cars being raced by famous car personalities, the biggest automotive YouTubers, and the most diehard petrol heads on the planet. The two teams, the Supercar Outlaws and JDM Outlaws, will battle it out on the track to answer the ultimate question – Which is better, the supercar or JDM?


Banging Gears mission is to reshape automotive culture by making it accessible to all. To create experiences that resonate with its audience beyond cars, the brand can't just work as a TV show. Its strategy and visual identity need to stretch beyond that into other aspects of entertainment. How do we create a lifestyle brand that threads fashion, music, technology, and other forms of entertainment together?


Creative Director

Brand Designer



Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Photo & Video Direction

Apparel Design



Staxxis Media

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Start with the research – Begin by understanding what truly makes the people within these cultures tic (and tok). Run workshops with both internal and external stakeholders to help them conceptualize and materialize their purpose. Find the pain points, overlapping qualities, and opportunities and start to build! 

The research is the driving force behind the brand strategy and identity. It sets the direction that the entire team is behind because they helped build it. This allowed me to take everything gathered and develop a visual identity that could work across multiple platforms, media types, cultures, etc. including a custom typeface.



Adaptability...  The brand feels fresh and authentic to a wider demographic beyond motor sports.


Overwhelmingly positive response from the stakeholders and people within these social groups. Hype!


Banging Gears is currently in post-production and has not aired yet. Multiple assets still in development.

Banging Gears

Banging Gears

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