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Driven to  Inspire 

3M™ Personal Auto

3M™ Personal Auto consists of multiple products including 3M™ Wrap Film, 3M™ Paint Protection Film, 3M™ Window Tint, as well as installation training and dealer services. It's the leader in automotive personalization and protection and trusted by millions of customers around the world.


Develop a constant stream of engaging content that aligns with the brand guidelines, resonates with the customer, informs them of new product innovations, and creates growth for the portfolio. All content should drive the customer to and/or through the purchasing experience with ease.


Creative Director





Creative Direction

Photo & Video Direction




Golden Peaks Production

Dynamic Photowerks

YAER Production

Gravity Global

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Leading the way.

Fueled with  stopping power. 

3M didn't just invent automotive wrap film, it reinvented it! Launching three never before seen colors that change from every angle. By pairing each color with a vehicle, professional athlete, and environment, we were able to create an energy that connects to the audience. Look deeper and you'll notice the skiers goggles, oils spills in the garage, and sunsets on a beach mimic the colors of the product.

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Gloss Flip Deep Space

Gloss Flip Deep Space