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Fast &  Fearless 

3M™ Print Wrap Film IJ280

3M revved up its product offerings by introducing IJ280 to the Print Wrap Film portfolio. This high-performance film accelerates the installation process with easier repositionability, improved conformability, and less heat needed for a clean and smooth finish. With less time spent in the "pit lane," shops can focus on growing their business while delivering podium worthy results.


Develop and execute multiple sub-campaigns for IJ280 that ladder up to the overarching Fast & Fearless parent-campaign. Conceptualize ideas that resonate with 3M's core customer base and emphasize the product benefits in a unique and exciting way, unlike anything currently seen.


Design Director

Creative Director




Creative Direction

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Photo & Video Direction



Gravity Global

Dynamic Photowerks

Jamey Price Photography

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Fueling Success at Full Throttle

Wrap fast.  Wrap fearlessly. 

3M™ Print Wrap Film IJ280 gives installers the confidence to wrap at full throttle, without worrying about the twists and turns that come with large fleet programs.


This sub-campaign needed to communicate that message very literally, because the clock is always ticking. Every installer is pushing for their PB time while every shop owner is making sure they can produce a winning team that delivers results.

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Wrap fast. Wrap fearlessly.

Wrap fast. Wrap fearlessly.

WFWF Testimonial

WFWF Testimonial