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Dust  Like a Pro 

Easy Trap

Easy Trap Dust Sheets are innovative disposable sheets designed to efficiently capture dust, dirt, and debris. They are typically used for commercial cleaning to simplify the process of floor and surface cleaning. The adhesive surface effectively attracts and traps dust particles, preventing them from becoming airborne.


Easy Trap is marketed as a heavy duty commercial cleaning sheet, whereas its closest and largest competitor Swiffer is marketed as a standard duty residential cleaning sheet. Both can be purchased at retail stores. The biggest challenge is to captivate, educate, and motivate the customer to purchase Easy Trap at the shelf instead of Swiffer, a brand that completely dominates this segment.


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It is impossible to compete with Swiffer's $100M+ marketing budget and gain significant market share within the residential cleaning space.


We developed a brand strategy and identity that focuses on a niche customer base and problem that a Swiffer dust sheet can't address. Don't compete, instead create a new segment for those looking for a bespoke product that can handle any mess. Simply put, we want our customers to Dust Like a Pro!


Dust Like a Pro

Dust Like a Pro

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Initial test pilot run and user research showed positive response when targeting niche demographic.


Two globally recognized home improvement brands signed on to carry this product in-store.


Packaging, video, and photo assets leveraged globally, enabling the business to scale.